Hello and welcome to my gallery, my name is Julie and my passion is creating hand drawn detailed Portraits of your much loved pets from your own photographs . Theres nothing I love more than seeing them come to life as i work from start to finish . As you will see my most commissioned animal of all is Mans best Friend - The Dog . However I do undertake all animal portraits be it your beloved pet or a member of our Wildlife community .
If you would like to commission a Drawing/Painting as a keepsake for yourself or as a special gift , please get in touch it would be a pleasure to hear from you . A price and size guide can be found in the Galleries section under commissions . You are welcome to contact me at jmckeeg17@sky.com or through my Facebook page Painted Pets or my Instagram account jmkeeg17 alternatively the contact section on this site , I look forward having your faithful friend on my easel - Julie